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  1. Pick the one rikishi from each rank group that you think will get the most points during the basho.

    You will be required to make one pick from each of the following rank groups:

    Maegashira 1-4
    Maegashira 5-8
    Maegashira 9-12
    Maegashira 13-17
    Juryo 1-4
    Juryo 5-9
    Juryo 10-14

    You will not be allowed to make more than one pick from any of the above rank groups. After making your picks you will have 11 rikishi (4 Sanyaku, 4 Maegashira, and 3 Juryo rikishi) on your squad.

  2. The winner will be the player who's team compiles more points than any other player's team.

  3. If one of your picks drops out after you submit an entry but PRIOR to the entry deadline, you may submit a new entry. A player will *not* be allowed to select a substitute in case of injury as in the Hoshitori. If one of your picks gets injured, you'll just have to live with it. The way the game is structured just doesn't really allow for fair substitutions anyway.

  4. The entry deadline will be 2:00 JST on Shonichi (Day 1).

  5. Multiple entries from one player using different shikona's will be frowned upon.

  6. Kyujo/Kosho rules. (Absence rules)

    The rule for Kyujo will be pretty simple. If you are going to be absent, you *must* either request kosho from the web-page, or e-mail the richijo with your request. If you don't, you will be treated as non-kosho and be given an 0-15 record for banzuke making purposes. You cannot request two kosho in a row. If you have consecutive absences, you will be demoted regardless. Additionally, players are allowed only TWO kosho requests per 6 basho. If you email the richijo and he doesn't reply, try this alternate address.

    Every player would be given from the time the real banzuke is released to until the completion of the basho to request kosho status. That's about four weeks of time to make such a request.

The Scoring System

The following values will be assigned for each win by one of your rikishi against an opponent of the given rank:

Maegashira 1-417
Maegashira 5-815
Maegashira 9-1213
Maegashira 13-1711
Juryo 1-4 9
Juryo 5-9 7
Juryo 10-14 5

For example: If your one of your rikishi defeats a Yokozuna, he earns 24 points for your team. If one of your rikishi defeats an Juryo rikishi ranked between J1 and J4, he earns 9 points for your team.

There would be NO deductions for losing.

Banzuke Making and Game Structure

The competition will be divided into divisions. The first basho will, obviously, be competed without a banzuke. The second basho will feature a banzuke based on the results of the first one. There will be a Makuuchi division which will compete for its own Yusho. Also, if there are enough entries, there will be a separate Juryo division, also competing for its own Yusho.

Special Prizes

  1. The Outstanding Performance prize will likely go to the rikishi with the most 100+ point days during the course of the basho.

  2. The Fighting Spirit Prize will go to the player whose team has a day that has highest difference above the average score for the day during the basho.

  3. The Technique Prize is uncertain at the moment. For now we will award this prize to the player who compiles the highest single day point total during the basho.

  4. A prize of special recognition (as yet un-named) will be given to the player who compiles the most points in any division.

As in all games, you must be kachi-koshi (have a majority of wins) in order to win a special prize.

If there are two or more players tied for any special prize, they will be declared co-winners.